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2008.11.11 | 09:43
location: work

Patrick ponders how best to use blogs...Collapse )

So, after that brain dump, I think my best bet is to keep using this journal for any random personal crap I feel the need to spew, and/or the occasional plug for things I think are cool (and things I post to other blogs).  For things I'm likely to rant about at length, I'll set up a separate blog with wordpress on my own site.  I'll probably just kill off uuddlrlrbas and make occasional comments here (turns out I don't have as much to say about video games as I thought) and 3edgedsword (a failed experiment - something more interesting may replace it).  slashsplat will probably merge into this journal.  Maybe not.  Still torn on that one.

Well, that was quite the waste of time, eh?

Update:  Meh, after all that rambling, I think I'll keep doing things the way I've been doing them.  /* can stay, as can uuddlrlrbas.  Trying to keep all of that under one journal will bother my burned-in need to use proper encapsulation.

That other journal (the one what no one reads) will go away, though :P

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Dr. Horrible

2008.07.18 | 16:47

Anyone who is even remotely a fan of funny things and/or Joss Whedon, go here immediately:

Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-long blog

That is all.  We now return you to your regularly scheduled LiveJournal.

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2008.05.18 | 00:10

At my friend Syntax' wedding, one of the groomsmen Rick-rolled the reception. Afterwards, we took the extra beer home as wedding favors.

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Portal - it rocks

2008.04.21 | 23:58

I have decided to use this journal to aggregate posts in my other journals. It's sort of a 2-tiered tagging system, and still lets me separate any personal posts I feel like making from my information-centric journals.

Anyway, I've posted a brief rant praising the game Portal over at:

my gaming Journal

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Coheed and Cambria, bitches!

2007.09.15 | 22:29

So, Co&Ca @ Winston-Salem on November 23rd.

Jamie & I will be there. Who else is there with us?

Myke, I'm looking at you. And Travis?

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2007.08.08 | 07:59

It's official, I'm training, and it still feel surreal: I work for Red Hat, a company that sells [Ff]ree software. This should be fun.

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Watch out, he might have the GAY

2007.06.14 | 17:58
mood: somewhere between "amused" and "irritated"

So, an interesting news bit on Colbert last night, for those who don't watch any Reliable News Sources :P

Bush has nominated James. W. Holsinger for Surgeon General. Back in 1991, Holsinger published this gem of a study. That's right, he thinks gay is a disease, and it's catching!

WTfuckingF, people...

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128 Completely Random bits

2007.05.01 | 23:35

There is nothing special about the following sequence:

09 F9 11 02 9D 74 E3 5B D8 41 56 C5 63 56 88 C0

Nothing special at all. Just posting it here because I thought it'd be nice to have this particular sequence on my journal.

Yep. Nothing special about it at all.

(Edit: for more information, see the comments section)

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Don't read this post!!!

2006.11.23 | 01:54

I just lost the game.

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AppalachLAN III!

2006.09.23 | 08:53

Okay all you Booninites, there's a LAN party happening today, 2006.09.23, from 1200 - 2330 in the Student Union. Gaming will be happen!

$10 entry, includes pizza and Red Bull. More info at this place.

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